Updated Fee Schedule (Effective 06/01/2024). Click Here to Learn More

Updated Fee Schedule (Effective 06/01/2024)

Update for Operations at Resolute Counseling:

Effective 06/01/2024, we will be updating our fee schedule.  This will mostly have an impact on clients who are self-pay or using out-of-network insurance benefits.  This change will impact all current clients as well as any future clients of the practice. 

Out of pocket appointment (Clients not using insurance coverage or for out of network):

CPT Code:

90791 (Intakes – up to 60 minutes): $125.00

90837 (53-60 minute session – Individual/Couples/Family): $110.00

90834 (38-52 minute session): $85.00

90832 (16-37 minute session): $60.00

No-Show or Late Cancelation:

$50.00 per occurrence

Court and Legal Fees:

$300.00 per hour

This includes but is not limited to: file preparation, travel time, waiting time in court room, testimony, communication with legal counsel(s).

Insurance clients:

Client responsibility will vary based on the client’s insurance plan.  This includes the variation based on co-pay, insurance, and deductible amount.  Clients are responsible for reporting if and when their insurance changes or if and when they lose active coverage.  Failure to do so will result in any denied claims being turned into the self-pay rate.

For questions regarding this change, please call us at 717-264-0450 and ask to speak with Michael Linn.

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